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Aggiornamento: 3 giu 2020

Recycle cashmere fibers especially designed to naturally preserve the human warmth.


The re-engineering process of the CASHMERE it is an old, consolidated tradition in Prato, born in response to the postwar warfare.

Recycled Cashmere, also called ecological, gets this denomination because obtained  by the complete recycled of garments  and scraps and waste of the various production processes made out completely or partially of cashmere.

The cycle of regenerated cashmere, starts from the collection of  a RAG-“STRACCIO”,  goes thru several working phases act to obtain a completely new  raw material and yarn  in terms of color and content,  to end  in the manufacture of a totally new garment.

As in the past. Men called CENCIAIOLI manually start the process.

After  knits and clothing are collected and retrieved  from around the world,  they are stripped from anything except the cashmere(such as zippers and buttons to mention some), and grouped by color and content,  to be washed with special softeners to enhance and strengthen the fibers as well as make it hygienically safe.

Other workers are responsible to pass the rags through  the shredders :  at last knits and scraps become again raw material.

Every year more than 22000 tons of rags go through the process of recycling:  a discarded product is regenerated and brought back to an excellent degree of purity .  The final result is a recycled item equal to a new one, but with zero impact on our environment.

Recycled cashmere is a main feature in the knitwear collections of the best world brand, chosen on purpose to reduce by 92% the environmental impact of their products.


The invention of CASHBALL®, marks a significant step forward in textile innovation in the name of eco-sustainability' breathability and versatility.

In alternative to goose down and to the existing synthetic fillings, CASHBALL® is a compound of regenerate cashmere fibers, which together with microfibers come to new life through a process specifically designed to preserve the human heat to create a highly insulating layer. A compact and light cloud that, as likely with feather, may be blown inside the garments ensuring equal softness and filling power with the advantage to be totally "animal friendly".

As a result, CASHBALL® provides an active heat that allows the exchange of air necessary to ensure breathability and comfort in the most extreme clime situations. Retaining heat and favoring the passage of body’s humidity provides an excellent insulating barrier to weather and outdoor conditions while minimizing the thermal flow between environments of different temperatures.

In addition to levels of breathability and optimal steam transportation, CASHBALL® keeps its insulation values ​​even when wet, due to its hygroscopic characteristics that allow it to absorb water vapor up to a third of its weight without getting wet, swelling or altering its structure. Highly compressible, it offers warmth without weight.

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